The Worst Copywriter In History

May 19, 2017

My sister recently left a job where she worked for a real nut. Their business was butt wipes. Pretty simple.

Below is the text from an email that boss man sent the advertising agency describing a commercial he wanted to make. All wording and grammer are exactly as he sent them, with the excitation that I've replaced the brand name with blanks.

Seen 1



Contains Some Nudity

R U Clean R Not? Sponsor bob butt wipes logo

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Seen 2

Picture : Hot naked Girls and Guys with private parts blurred .

Speech: would you want to be with these hottes if they don't use Bobs because this is what they look like below.

Picture : dirty skid mark under wear. and clean under wear.

No _____. toilet paper only. They use ____

speech: if you are not using wipes your not clean!

Seen 3

Speech : you don't take a bath with out water!

Picture show a picture of a guy and Girl blur their private parts, dirty all over in a empty tubs wiping themselves with a dry towel separated shots

Speech : Guy saying I almost done just another 20 minutes and the girl saying about 30 for me.

Seen 4 :

Speech: if you your using wipes you need to be using _____

Picture : picture of a guy with a construction belt, topless sweetie holding the Bobs dispenser wiping himself off

Speech : Because _____ has a conveniently locate dispenser that hangs on any toilet paper holder and you don't need to be a handy man to install it.

Picture : show a my little cousin sammy 6 years old installing the dispenser and saying

Speech :Sammy: if I can do it anyone can do it!

Seen 5:

Picture: show a person outside and a bird dropping shit on a person hand.

Picture: wipe bird crap with a dry rag.

Speech: would you wipe bird crap with a dry rag or would you use water? Then why are you using just toilet paper?

speech: Our wipes are all natural biodegradable wipes with Aloe. To make your your skin cool, clean and comfortable, also good for your septic and the environment. Please like and share.