The Truth About Planned Parenthood

February 02, 2012

Here at theskinnyonbenny, we try to avoid politiacally sensitive topics. Not because we shy away from controversy, but because we generally find political topics to be really, really boring. But recent news got us to doing a little reading, and that led to a little research, so in the interest of reporting something that's not really out there, we present some facts here.

(And becuase we know how boring political blogs really are, we've tried to avoid words as much as possible.)

What Planned Parenthood actually does:

planned parenthood chart 1

Source: Washington Post

The crack research staff at has done some polling, and it turns out that perception doesn't line up with actuality. The polling results are summarized by the graphs below.

What Conservatives think Planned Parenthood does:

planned parenthood chart 2

Interesting side note: We found that in fact, tortures many more puppies than Planned Parenthood.

What Listeners of AM Radio Political Talk Shows think Planned Parenthood does:

planned parenthood chart 2

Feel free to share, and in case any Sunday morning news show producers are looking, I'll be available to appear, but only after Mardi Gras is over.