The Skinny on theskinny

May 20, 2015

A year ago January, a momentous milestone passed without notice. The 10th anniversary of

This year, I moved the site to a new web host for the first time. Since theskinny was the very, very first thing I ever did on the internet, it's chok-a-block full of pages that were developed really, really wrong. That means that pretty much every page, feed, menu, and link broke when I moved domains.

A sunset swing during
Easter Weekend (untouched photo, beautiful night).

Little by little, I've corrected that stuff, but that leaves me with a stale site where the content hasn't been updated in months. (Except for the twitter feed and the playlists, which just happen automatically as I tweet and listen to music.) Now, I'm left with stories half forgotten, hundreds and hundreds of pictures to curate (including some amazing sunset shots from our annual Easter cruise), and videos going back a year to post. I better start showing this site some attention.

The move did allow me a delightful trip down web memory lane. I used to run little polls, the only one of whih I remember was the one where we collectively named the older boy.

I also used to host a message board, with the hopes that it would provide a place to trash talk my friends. Facebook picked up the slack when I had to shut it down due to lack of spam controls.

I love the mundane bullshit that I used to find a minute to write about.

A few stats:

  • There are currently 667 blog posts (counting this one).
  • There are just under 16,000 photos are posted in the photo galleries. .A little more than half are smaller thumbnail copies of the originals.
  • 1454 photos of the day
  • Even though I haven't posted anything new in months, and I haven't linked my site to anything anywhere, there were about 200 unique visitors last month, with IP addresses that Google believes to be all over the world. That sort of weirds me out.