The Men's Room at APPRO

April 16, 2004

This may seem like a trivial issue, and in fact, it really is. But, it's one of those things where a question pops into mind, then lingers and grows and puzzles the brain for months and months. It's like the question about how the Saints can suck for 30 years in a row or why you can't wait to get back to Las Vegas, even though you know you're just going to end up hung over and without your money.

The question is this: where are all of the stray pubic hairs in the APPRO men's room coming from? Every morning, the urinals are nice and clean. By every afternoon, there is at least one hair per urinal, and on occasion, I've seen as many as four or five. As far as I know, I'm not losing pubic hair. I've never seen a stray lingering around my home toilet.

  1. Is there a male balding pattern that also applies to that down-below region? If so, is it the same men that are balding on top of their head?
A covert shot of an APPRO urinal. It was difficult to sneak into the restroom and take a picture. I sure would have looked creepy if I had been caught.
  1. What on earth do the cleaning ladies think of this situation? Do they notice? If so, are they surprised? Is it annoying to them?

You see why this grates on me. You just can't ask these types of questions.

While I'm on the subject of the APPRO men's room, I'm compelled to relate another observation. I was in a stall this morning, and when I turned to unroll some toilet paper, the roll was a new one. It was stuck together in that new-roll fashion, and it looked like it had been clawed by a rat.

Of course, the rodent-like tattering was the result of a person's unsuccessful attempt to get the paper free. The frightening part is that the person tried to get that paper free, but then gave up on the idea.