The Ko Show

January 03, 2019

Last time we went to the farm, I took the Jeep out into the pasture and then turned the driving over to the kids. They cruised up and down, and to be honest, they drive a lot better than I did at either of their ages.

V was completely driving on his own -- without an adult even in the Jeep. With K, it was mostly steering, but after a while, I even let him slide way forward and work the pedals.

Now that we're home, they both still think they should be able to drive around. We were at the neighborhood grocery, and K asked if he could drive home.



"You don't have a driver's license."

So he went into the house and made his own driver's license.

Kolya can drive. He is awesome. He is 16.

Here's one more of him that I forgot to throw in with my photo set from our Thanksgiving trip, so I'll just throw it in here. He really took the security briefing at the beginning of the flights seriously, and he took the suggestion to study the emergency procedures very seriously.


And while we're talking photos, I just created the daily photo page for 2019. Part of me wonders why I still spend the time. I get so much more interaction through social media, and that's all faster and easier. But here, I have a little more permanence. No question about which platform I posted what. Nothing lost when my myspace password was hacked. And, there's still a surprising amount of traffic (meaning that the number of hits each month is a positive integer). So check out 2019, and maybe take a look at 2018 or some other things that I wrote this year, if you haven't visited in a while.