The Blue Shot

July 25, 2013

One night recently, a handful of us were at Erin Rose maintaining a buzz that we had put on elsewhere in New Orleans. We were hanging out in a narrow space between the bar and the restroom doors.

(It sounds awful, but the atmosphere in there really is a lot of fun.)

I went into the men's room and did my thing, and on my way out, I noticed that someone had abandoned a shot glass of some blue concoction on the sink. "How gross it would be to drink that," I thought. To make it even grosser, I moved the cup from the side of the sink to the back of the toilet.

My standard offer for a dare is $1. I like to phrase it as "one whole dollar" to make it sound like a more appealing offer. It's a testament to how I was over-served earlier in the evening that I came out offering $100 to anyone who would drink the blue shot.

Steve knows us well enough to know that I don't have $100. I suppose the ATM will dole out that much money, but if it wouldn't, I would not even know how to go about getting $100. So he went to theskinnyonbenny accounting department for confirmation on the $100 order.

Steve and Jodi at Erin Rose.

Mrs. theskinnyonbenny cut the offer by an order of magnitude. Ten dollars. I searched my pocket and only came up with a single. That made the offer $11 to drink the shot.

Steve was quick as a cat. Before the idea could even settle, he had thrown open the bathroom door, grabbed the shot glass off the back of the commode, and downed it. It was gone before he was even back facing us.

His wife had this face like she wasn't sure if he had just committed suicide. I was laughing uncontrollably, and Mrs. theskinnyonbenny and Dave were lost in conversation, unaware that the dare had been accepted. Steve had a suitably disgusted look on his face.

After several moments of laughter, he spoke. "I think that was soap."

I stuck a pinkie in the bottom of the shot glass that he was still holding. I swiped the residue at the bottom, and brought my finger up to my nose. Definitely soap.

For some reason, it was even funnier that he had done a shot of soap. Even funnier than that was that his belly started to churn, and when he would burp, it smelled like clean dishes.

I am told that he later vomited, and that it was nice-smelling, foamy vomit.