The Ashtray

January 21, 2005

Here's a quick note to whoever borrowed, broke, or stole the ashtray from the Regal Beagle on New Year's Eve: we bought another one. They're only eight bucks, so here are some thoughts:
If you picked it up from the position of your moral high horse in order to prevent my eternal damnation, thanks, but don't do that any more. I'm not one who thinks that God doesn't appreciate the occasional chuckle.
If you just wanted one for yourself, then ask where we got it. I think it only cost eight bucks or so. I'm sure you can afford one for yourself.
And if you were drunk and broke it, you can fess up. We don't care. Heck, it took me two days to scrub and air Clay's puke out of my sofa cushions, and I still like him.