Thanksgiving Weekend

November 30, 2023

Through most of my adult years, we've done destination Thanksgiving. It coincides with our wedding anniversary, so we've had a mix of family trips and friend meetups. We've never had friends come here -- where it's pleasant, but several times we've frozen our asses off at their homes or at some neutral location.

The last couple of years, we've gone to my sister's for family Thanksgiving, and if a trip isn't in the offering, you could do a lot worse. Crystal came down to join us this year (so much for the third sentence of this post), so the waking up after a night of drink and catching up wasn't fun, but then the day at Sarah's was full of good food, hearty laughs, and just a small hint of the traditional southern Thanksgiving racist remarks.

Kid's table for one.

From there Mrs, theskinnyonbenny, Crystal, and I took an Uber to New Orleans and set up shop at the Peacock Lounge -- a groovy little bar attached to our hotel. We were there for some reward-points benefit, but the good drinks and wild decor make it worth a drop-in.

The Peacock Lounge

On Friday, we got a late stop and then bounced from restaurant to bar to bar to restaurant to restaurant to bar to bar... You get the idea. Lots of good food and coctails, and at some of the places we got to see some college football. Long day. Fun day.


Check out this fancy little glass from Pidgeon and Whale. The drinks are good, but the PEI oysters and caviar service are even better. I don't know what the voice is saying, and I'm too lazy to remove the sound, so just ignore that...

On Saturday, we got up early and came back to Baton Rouge. We spent the whole day on football games and had a parade of friends in town for the game coming in and out through the day. Another long and fun day.

Sunday was back to normal. There was a terrible Saints game on in the back yard, then I put the roof and doors back on the Jeep for winter. Kind of depressing, all around.

By Monday, my sleep-tracking app on my phone had just given up altogether:


I have a few more good snapshots. I'll add as daily photos in the next few days.