Thanks Shelly

April 22, 2008

Shelly came by on Sunday, and she was bearing gifts.

Apparently, a shoe store in her ghetto had been looted, but the looters left behind some child shoes, so she gathered up some leftovers, and brought them by during her her weekend visit to Louisiana.

It was the first time Vanya showed little kid surprise and excitement that comes with getting new stuff. It helps that he loves his shoes.

He pulled his six new pairs out of their boxes one after another. "More... more... more..."

Then, he chose a pair of Timberlands to wear. Once those were on, he tried to put other little shoes on both my foot and on Blossom's giant paw.

By nap time, he had changed into blue sneakers. He let me take those off for the nap, but had to sleep with them in his bed. When Mrs. theskinnyonbenny got him up, he sat up and said, "Shoes Mama!"

Yesterday and today, I could barely get his pajama pants off because of the demand to put on new shoes and go to school.

It's easy to excite a toddler, once you figure out his fashion sense.