Thailand Travel Log: Prologue

March 29, 2004

This marks the first of many entries that I will make during my Thailand trip. I'm not sure exactly how this travel journal will play out, but I would expect it to differ in style frm the rest of the blog in some way or other.

I'm making this entry from my PDA at the Baton Rouge airport, so it may be short.

It is 7:15, and outside is full of a thick fog. The place is packed, since morning flights haven't been cleared yet. Across from me is two nice, old couples on their way to Reno for skiing and gambling. Ome guy is reading Bill O'Riely's book, and -- I swear this is true -- moving his lips as he reads. If I don't chicken out, I may try to vidoe tape it.

I dom't know what the plan is for Thailand. If it's anything exciting, I will post it here. Look for the next entry in a couple of days, after 25 hours of travel. Hopefully, more frequent updates wuill follow.

Shit -- more to write but time to board.