Stupid Animal Pics

November 27, 2013

A few weeks ago, we went to the Global Wildlife Center. You get in a big trailer behind a tractor, and putter around some pastureland. You have cups of food to feed various creatures, which seem mostly to be in the deer family.

I had hoped for an image of a giraffe with its head between the faces of my two smiling sons, but of course, that was not meant to be. In fact, we caught the giraffes with full bellies, which meant that we just looked at them from afar. Pictures of the kids tended to be of the backs of their heads.

When I reviewed photos, I noticed a good number that could be made into cheesy posters and sold for great profit. Here are a few examples:

baby zebra.

bottoms up.

The stupid ibexes would grab the cups of food and wrestle them away from the little kids.

for the dentist.

What dentist office wouldn't buy a large print of this?

I never did post the rest of my photos from the Wooden Boat Festival, so they're in here with Global Pics.