Struggling Through Another Week

October 28, 2005

When I turned on my computer this morning, a program that lives in my task bar took the initiative to go to the internet, find some particular server, and ask it the temperature in Baton Rouge. It then changed its stock graphic to a bold, black number: 39.

It immediately occured to me that today probably would have been the day where -- having not paid attention to the forecast -- I get in my top-down Jeep wearing short sleeves and no jacket. By the time I got to work seven minutes (no more, no less), I would have been begging the gods for mercy.


I'm on yet another work trip, and it's nowhere near that cold. Not that it matters. I don't have a top to take off of the rental car, and I can pretty much handle whatever temperature I get between the hotel front door and the car, and from the car into the building.

What I have more difficulty with is dressing myself for trips.

On Monday, I flew out of Baton Rouge before 6:00 in the morning. I was uncomfortable all day. More specifically, my underwear was uncomfortable all day. I constantly found myself tugging and adjusting, and by mid afternoon, I had promised myself to deposit those drawers right into the trash can when I got undressed.

My underpants in the mirror, Monday night.

When I finally did get my pants off that evening, the cause of the problem was apparent. I had gotten dressed in the dark house before 5:00 in the morning. Due to the lack of light, and to my early morning grogginess, I had put on a pair that wasn't fit to be worn. I guess Lili had torn them up, and they just got washed and put back into the drawer. Or, maybe they were worn paper-thin over the years, and they just happened to go out recently. At any rate, it was an uncomfortable day.