St. Patrick's Day

March 15, 2004

Anyone who knows me only from my web log will certainly think that all we do in Baton Rouge is go to one parade after another. This is the third article that mentions going to a parade, and I've only posted a dozen or so. I guess that if you see that I'm planning a road trip to parades in other states, you'd better encourage me to seek some help.

As you've guessed by now, the Baton Rouge St. Patrick's Day parade was this weekend. This is certainly the best one that we have in town. It always takes place at 10:00 on a Saturday, and the weather always cooperates. This year was no exception: enough clouds to keep it from getting too hot, but plenty nice enough to be outside.

The parade itself was good. We carried beads and cups home, but still left a sea of them in the grass where we were watching. I got a number of good throws that with explicit instructions that they were just for the dog. Cute dogs and kids get all of the good stuff, it seems.

When it was over, we walked back home from the parade route. The biggest surprise of the day was finding Eddie and Carmel already at our house. It wasn't surprising that they were already at the house -- it was surprising to find them naked in our bed! I guess they thought the parade would last a little longer than it did.

After that, we sat around, drank beer, and boiled crawfish. Actually, I just drank, ran my mouth, and played with the kids. Eddie did all of the work with the crawfish. I did throw some sausage on the grill, but then forgot about them until someone else finally took them off.

I sacked out around 8:00 that night. The funny thing is that I woke up nice and refreshed at 10:30. I thought I had slept all night, and it took me a little while to figure out that the 10:30 number on the clock meant that I had only slept a little while.

I will add some pictures to the site, but am too tired to do it tonight. They'll be up in the next couple of days.

And oh yeah, that part about Eddie and Carmel didn't really happen, but Ed did think about it, so props to him for that.