Sports Post

October 25, 2010

The two NFL quaterbacks with the most interceptions are Favre and Brees. Not such a surprise for Old Man Favre (and from now on, everyone with a four inch penis should refer to it as "Old Man Favre"), but it's just shocking to see Brees play so poorly. Blame the Madden curse, blame the new baby with the terrible name (Bowen Brees sounds like a too-sweet fruity rum drink that you would order at a horrible all inclusive resort), but whatever it is, it's not so much fun to watch.

Colt McCoy and his awful twangy accent came into our Superdome, threw for 70 yards, and came out with a win over the Superbowl champions. So the routine as a Saints fan is back to the way the football gods intend it to be.

But normally, the football gods spare us a weekend where both the Saints and the Tigers lose. LSU got beat in a game that really shouldn't have been as close as it was, by a team that is just better right now. And Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist found the replacement to Tim Tebow in their nightly fantasies. They as much as said so right there on the broadcast.

I remember a couple of comments. After a 15-20 yard run, "That's one for the highlight reel OF ALL TIME!"

Of all time. I witnessed one of the best plays in the history of college football, and all I perceived was a pretty good run. Guess I don't understand football very well.

After a rare LSU tackle for loss, "That's the best minus 9 yard run you'll ever see."

It's almost like they were putting us on. Like they had a bet to see who could get his mouth deepest into Cam Newton's anus before a producer told them to knock it off. They are just an absolutely awful announcing duo.

If you were wondering why you didn't hear Patrick Peterson's name called much, it's because Auburn's game plan was to not even look toward the side of the field where he was lined up. If they threw his way at all, I don't remember it. I remember seeing him on two plays, and they were both long runs where he came across from the far side of the field to be in on the tackle. There aren't stats for QATHD (QB Afraid to Throw His Direction), so it will mostly go unnoticed.

In the World Series, I'll pull for San Francisco for several reasons. First, when I cared about baseball, I was a NL fan. Second, whatever the name of the ballpark in San Francisco is currently called, it's the greatest park in the sport. Third, the Giants have two former LSU players that are integral to the team. Fourth, it's another chance to pull against all things Dallas related. It's a good enough argument that I might even watch a little bit, even though it would be the first baseball I've seen since the college season ended.

The NBA is starting too. It's hard to care right now, and it's really going to be hard to support the Hornets. Since Chris Paul isn't all-in, they're doomed to eternal mediocrity. But Shaq and Big Baby playing together in Boston should be fun. Might not be good basketball, but there should be some laughs.