September 25, 2012

My friends, I might just have found an example that's among the worst packaging ever. Behold, the package of Somersaults.

Let's start with the cartwheeling sailer. If you look real close, his undershirt is one of those that says, "I'm so gay, I shit rainbows." But in case his dapper sailing outfit -- complete with white shoes and red bandanna -- don't give it away, he's upside down and holding a sunflower.

Somersaults. Who would have guess that this is how the word is really spelled?

I guess the flower is because the snack has sunflower seeds, which brings us to an even worse aspect of the packaging: the description of the snack.

Crunchy nuggets baked with sunflower seeds and toasted grains

and then, in bigger font

pacific sea salt

Well, that just sounds terrible.

What, pray tell, is a "crunchy nugget?" I feed the dogs and cats food out of a bag that I would describe as "crunchy nuggets," and that's the best mental image I can conjure. I can think of worse ones: stale food, bits of poo, burnt scraps of meat.

But here's the twist. They don't taste like grains or burnt stuff or poo. They are the most delicious snack cracker I've ever put in my mouth.

I honestly expected some dry, earthy, mostly tasteless patty in my mouth, but instead, my tongue exploded with rock music, Disney World, round butt cheeks, and a dash of rainbow for good measure. In short, it was all things good.

So find a bag of these weird little treats. I still don't know what makes up the nugget. I just know that they're good.

Twirl your taste buds!