So now I'm blogging....

January 26, 2004

Yes, I realize that posting my thoughts on the internet is a bit geeky. That must really disappoint those of you who are still nursing the idea that I'm about as cool as they come. But I find that I enjoy reading the well-written column on the internet, and since none of those "reputable" sites are likely to publish me, here I am for the world to find.

So what the heck is this, anyway?

It is not my online journal. Don't expect any deep, private thoughts. Besides, I don't have any deep, private thoughts.

It is not the place to see me bash my employer, or to chime in about how much your employer sucks. If that's what you like, check out the investor pages from Yahoo groups for any particular company. Nothing I come up with could compare to the venom that you might get from JAADE (Joe Average Anonomous Disgruntled Employee) there.

You probably won't get any political fervor here. And if you do, you're just as likely to get contradictory political fervor a couple of weeks later. The truth is that most politicians and political issues that people are talking about don't get me frothing at the mouth. I do think a lot of politicians say dumb things that are funny. We'll make fun of them when they do.

What that leaves is observations about what happens around me that seem like they're worth sharing for some reason or other. I might bitch about a popular movie who no one will admit is downright terrible. I might give you the story about some sailing mishap that caused temporary injury and embarassment. In fact, it's almost a certainty that you will get one of those.

Really, there's no telling what I might want to put out here a couple of months or years down the line. You will have to come back and see.