Topics, Topics Everywhere, but not Enough Interest to Post

May 02, 2008

As you see, I really didn't have anything to tell the world this week that merited more than a couple of sentences. But I had a lot of false starts -- posts that I started, but that didn't really turn into anything. It starts with a couple of sports topics, but if that doesn't interest you, hit the page down key once or twice for more.

The college football powers decided to leave the BCS as-is through 2014, or something silly like that. The Big Ten and Pac 10 still refuse to hold conference championship games, and still hold tight to their automatic Rose Bowl berth, as if it were still 1949.

I say, start a championship series without them. Let the winners of the SEC, Big 12, Big East, and ACC championship games be seeded 1-4 and have them play off in the non-Rose BCS bowls. It's just that easy. USC and the Ohio St./Michigan winner can crow about being "true champions," but all of the voters and everyone else will know that the true champions are the team that won 3 postseason games rather than one. Eventually, they'll bag the Rose Bowl, hold conference championship games, and join the rest of us in the present.

The Hornets have been fun to watch in the playoffs. I had a post started back in November or December about how basketball fans better go watch them now. The barely-populated stadium portended a hasty exit for the NBA in New Orleans, and the fans would need to take their opportunity to see the best point guard in the league now.

At the time, they were running ridiculous specials for groups of tickets. You could even get a suite for you and all of your friends right before game time for something like $60/person.

But, with the end of football, people have woken up to how good the team is. And the national media has started to notice a little bit. If we can pull the series win against the Spurs, New Orleans will have proven to be set as a league powerhouse for the next five years, at least.

Exxon reported a 17% growth in profit to $10.9 billion for the first quarter. Can you imagine that much money?

They better start giving away cash to employees and charities before the government comes knocking. Hillary has already mentioned a corporate "excessive earnings tax," which has big-oil giveaway written all over it.

I don't think it would hurt Exxon investors a bit if they would take a billion of that profit next quarter and fund a program to provide health care for those without insurance. It would also help ensure the government stays out of their coffer, and do a little good in the process. That's my advice.

Arizona ran out of license plate numbers.

I don't know why, but I thought that was interesting.

Starbucks rolled out a new logo recently. I think that was a dumb move. They had one of the most recognizable logos in the country, if not the world. why throw that away? And the new one is ugly, to boot.

Have you ever wondered about the expression, "It opens up a can of worms?" It's a dumb metaphor. So what if you opened a can of worms. They aren't going to jump out at you. Even if you dropped the can, it would be pretty easy to scoop the worms back into the can.

My suggestion is this: It opens up a can of fleas.

Now that would be trouble.

Tyler told me today that he had a new haiku pop into his head while in the bathroom. I started wondering what kind of haikus one thinks of in there. Here's what I came up with:

another good pee urination is my friend no more kidney stones
The one he added was about being ADD rather than about urinating

, and it's certainly better than this one that I came up with.