Smoking in the Boy's Room

October 13, 2023

Earlier this week, I received this instagram post, forwarded by Shelly:

One of the things that the lady said reminded me of something.

When I started 7th grade, my new school had a designated smoking area for students.

It was a school that housed both Jr and Sr High, and if I remember correctly, you were supposed to be at least 16 years old to smoke on campus. But nevertheless, I was 12 years old when the school year started, and my school had a student smoking area.

Before my junior year, we moved and my high school did not have a place for students to smoke. The bathrooms reeked of stale smoke. That sounds like an improvement over the normal school restroom smells, but it was not.

Not long ago, my barber and I came up with the idea of poo-scented vape cartridges for the high school kids of today to use in their school restrooms. It's a punishment-proof way to vape, since no one will question that scent coming out of a restroom stall.

If either of us had any ambition, we'd be rich by now.

On a technical note, I don't think I've ever embedded an instagram post before, and the amount of text in their embed code is staggering. I bet half of this page that you're seeing is embed code. Probably a bunch of stuff that links you and me together in the algorithms, which is why every time you log on to the internet for the next couple of weeks, you'll see ads for Truck Nutz.

Update: all of that code just rendered a white rectangle with a link in the middle to take you off-page. I can do links myself, thank you very much. Feel free to search for Truck Nutz varieties on your own.