Six Haikus and a Limerick

January 13, 2005

I caught just a minute of the Jim Rome show yesterday, and he had listeners emailing sports-related haikus. It didn't sound too challenging, so I thought I would make up some about my local sports life.

Nick Saban is gone.
Will we continue to win?
Only time will tell.

"Consistency" does
Not accurately portray
They play of the Saints.

Football is over.
What will I watch Saturday?
Long time 'til August.

It turns out that haikus about sports come pretty easily. Let me try some, inspired by work.

My spec is not done.
Too many distractions here.
Will my project fail?

All I can hear is
Cell phones playing tinny tunes.
Turn your ringers off.

No one that I've met
Who is from California
Has a good hair style.

Those were easy too. So, I conclude that haikus are easy, and not nearly as much fun as limericks. I liked putting together my other limerick page. Here's one more that I came up with while lying in bed this morning.

Louisiana is much too hot
Nuts tend to sweat a lot
Boxer-briefs are a must
And ointment is a plus
To avoid a painful crotch-rot