Shitty Day

April 03, 2013

Monday morning, before 9:00, all of this had happened to me:

  • My mom called, to tell me that it seemed like my dog was dying.
  • Mrs. theskinnyonbenny's employee called, to tell me that the network equipment appeared to be dead.
  • On my way to the office, I passed a bicyclist, who appeared to have just been hit by a car.
  • Immediately thereafter, the radio started playing Jim Carrol's "Those are People Who Died."

I admit to be more than a little freaked out about all of this happening at once. I felt like I should have locked myself in a padded room. And I was jittery for a couple of hours after that.

No need to recap the rest of the day, but you know that when the stranger laying still on the side of the road is only the third most upsetting thing, then you've had a really, really, really shitty day.

Now, if it pleases the fates, I will resume my previously charmed life.