Shipping News

August 18, 2017

Bright people, when they struggle with something, will seek out tools and techniques that help them manage more easily. V has a lot of trouble spelling, and so to help, he'll often use a dictation app to help him get from his thoughts -- which he can easily verbalize -- to the written form.

I was working with him on a book report on a nonfiction book about pirates. One of the headings on his template was, "What did you dislike about this book?" He decided the detailed drawings of different types of ships and their parts and pieces. This is heartbreaking to me, because I could spend all day studying diagrams like this  (from


So V tells his dictation app, "I did not like the ships." Here's the spelling it recommended:


I don't have the nerve to just let him go and turn it in like that, but I did fantisize about it briefly.