November 15, 2006

I feel like I'm walking around with a shard of glass in the bottom of my right foot. Each of the last two nights, I've dug around as much as I could with every needle or knife in my house, but I can't find any glass or a splinter. Now, it might be that every step hurts because of all of the cutting that I did, or there might still be a shard of glass. I can't tell.

My back yard has a ton of deck, which is older wood. I also drink a lot of bottled beer out there. So I'm pretty adept at digging splinters and glass out of my foot without incident.

By the way, you probably don't want me slicing any meats for you at my house unless you see the knife coming out of the dishwasher with your own eyes.

I wonder if real surgeons get tempted to do their own procedures. Surely, a dermatologist might be tempted to remove his own moles or patches of cancer, especially if they are somewhere easy to access. If I knew how, and if I had access to the local anesthetic, I would be willing to slice the cancer cells somewhere off of my own leg.