Scenes From an Exhibition

November 16, 2010

The weekend before last, I worked harder than I ever have during a weekend. We went to the Realtors' convention in New Orleans to launch MyTechPurse, which is (if you're listening search engines) the best place to find out how to build and maintain a great web site, integrate social media, and build an internet marketing strategy that works. It's a must for any small business.

Also, there's a blog on that site, so for those who can't get enough of my wit and wisdom on this site, there's more for you to read over there.

Of all of the small booths, I think ours was the most memorable. My friend Mendi created a "Fire Your Nerd" graphic to hang on the back of the booth for us. The banner caught every eye that passed. You could see the faces catch the glance, laugh, and often stop to find out more.

Our booth, set up and ready to go.
How you would see us as you approached from the back of the show.
Can you spot our nerd from across the room?
I my have spent my Saturday standing around an exhibit hall, but at least I didn't spend my Saturday standing around an exhibit hall dressed like a dog.A conference atendee studies the map.
This guy's boss saw our banner, and showed up the next day with the software developer who had come to the conference with him. The kid was really nice, and very embarassed, but when I wanted to take a picture, his boss made him comply.Later, another guy showed up with fake nerd glasses in his bag. He let me pose for a pic. Turns out, that's his thing.
Some big exhibitors would have D-list celebrities posing for pictures. David Hasslehoff had on so much makeup that he looked like a dude in a plastic Hasslehoff mask. This is a far-away shot of Bill Walton mugging for Sam's.This guy in the HP booth across from us is NOT Aasif Mandvi, but he sure looks like him.

There are a few other shots from this trip as daily photos from November 11 to November 14.

I've got one other friend who deserves a world of thanks, but I won't mention the name here, as some of the help was off the books, and I don't want anyone to get in trouble (not that anyone ever reads this who doesn't know us already). But I owe him bigmuch.