Rock Star

December 05, 2013

Before Apple came out with the first iPod, I had a little mp3 player made by Compaq. We used MusicMatch Jukebox to sync songs (and even used that with iPods for a while).

My Compaq mp3 player had about 10 levels for volume. Level 1 was just a little to quiet for walking around with a small amount of ambient noise. Level 2 was about as loud as a jet engine. Levels 3 through 10 made your brain bleed. Not being able to produce a volume knob should have been an early sign to short sell the Compaq stock.


I work with a client that sometimes sends me appreciative messages like this:

rockstar email

This -- along with a moving sing-a-long with Nirvana in the car this morning -- has me thinking that I should give up software and become an honest to goodness rock star. I have just a few hurdles to overcome: I'm in my 40s, I'm fat, I don't sing all that well, and I don't play an instrument.

All of that can be overcome if I find a good producer. I would OWN the stage!