Rocco's Jello Shot Challenge - Tainted Record

June 22, 2023

LSU has blown away the record with the Rocco's Jello Shot Challenge, but I'm here to make the case that the record is tainted.

I think anyone reading this will be familiar, but if not, here's a quick primer: There's this bar -- Rocco's -- in Ohmaha. Omaha is also always the location of the College World Series. At Rocco's, visiting fans can specify their favorite team when they order a jello shot, and Rocco's keeps a leaderboard that tallies the number of shots bought by each fan base.

The previos record belonged to Ole Miss, who won both the on-field championship and the one at Rocco's last year. If memory serves, they put up a couple hundred shy of 19,000.

As I type, the leaderboard looks like this:

Latest leaderboard at the time of this post. I don't know what's up with the girl...
Oral Roberts3052
Wake Forest6798

It was a given that the LSU crowd would come in to town and set the record. The city of Omaha and LSU fans have had this love affair going back to the 90s. LSU would show up big and spend big in bars and restaurants, an in return, they received fantastic hospitality. There are hundreds of LSU fans at the College World Series every year, even when LSU doesn't make it that far.

Second of all, this is a naturally heavy-drinking fan base. You know those self-assessments that ask you questions to see if you might be an alcoholic? They point to highly problematic for the most casual social drinker in South Louisiana. Seattle bars doubled-up on their orders when LSU played UW there several years ago, but by Saturday night, there wasn't a drop of burbon or vodka to be found in the city.

And third, the record was by a rival. Ole Miss, holding a record on our thing, on what we consider to be our turf? Couldn't possibly stand.

Now here's my beef.

Buying liquor that you don't plan to share or drink completely goes against the spirit of the Rocco's Jello Shot Challenge. And it goes against what we stand for as traveling fans.

The founder of Raising Cane's wanted to be a big shot, so he went in to Rocco's and ordered 6000 shots at once. I don't know how big a place Rocco's is, but I'm pretty sure that they weren't all consumed.

So I'm mentally subtracting 6000 from LSU's total. We should still hold the record by the end of the day if we don't already.

Now let's talk about what's up with Tennessee and Florida getting beat by two Christian schools.