November 10, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I somehow picked up a bit of a ringworm on my right calf.

It sounds like I'm a filthy animal, and I am, but it's just a skin fungus that's easily treated.

If I had known the variety of looks it would give me as it's fought the fungicide over the last few days, I would have made it into a photo journal. It started with a bright red circle with itchy, scaly skin in the middle. At other times, it was a red circle with normal skin. A solid red circle. A circle with bumpy skin that didn't itch. A circle with smooth skin that itched. This morning, it was faded to the point where it was hard to see at all. This afternoon, the former location of the circle was filled with small angry looking welts.


Here it is now, presumably in its death throes.

I'm sorry to have denied you the entertainment that a daily log of this thing would have certainly provided.