Real Ice

January 10, 2014

On the way to school this morning, V got all excited. He was talking 100 miles per hour.

"I forgot to tell you what we had at school! REAL. ICE. Not like a cube or one of those things that hangs down, but it was round and really was ice!"

"You mean like a puddle that had frozen?"

"Yeah, there were even leaves in it!"

Poor kid. We haven't had winter in a couple of years, which is a quarter of his life. The equivalent to me would be to go a decade without seeing ice. Even then, I don't think I would have been that excited.

It's pleasant and warm again this afternoon. It's weird to think that we might have 10 more days of ice before the end of January, or we might not see it again for another two years.

big temperature range

From the high 60s to the low 20s and back, all in five days.