Random Notes

December 14, 2004

Sometimes, when I have half a thought but not a full one, I'll jot down a little note. Sometimes they turn in to a real idea. Once in a while, I start writing about it, and the idea flows into a whole post. On the other hand, I have a whole page of half-thoughts that went nowhere. Here is a collection of some half-thoughts that have no chance of becoming a whole post on their own merit.


  • Diarrhea is a hard word to spell.

  • I have the song "Luckenbach Texas" running through my head. I wonder where that came from. (And I wonder what made me write that down? I have oddball songs running through my head every day.)

  • While we're on that topic, right click on the windows task bar real quick. See the menu item that says, "Lock the Taskbar?" Every time I see that, I'm possessed to sing the phrase to the tune of "Rock the Casbah." This note wasn't part of my original list, by the way. It just ocurred to me to mention it.

  • Boat stores are amoung my favorite places. I could play with the junk that they sell all day, even when I don't know what the junk is.

  • Imagine the day when almost all vehicles have daytime running lights. How will you know when a group of cars is actually a funeral procession?

  • Citgo is currently running a radio commercial touting their gift cards as Christmas gifts. If you're thinking of getting me a gift card from a gas station, I really would just rather have a nice card. I hope this doesn't seem snotty of me.

  • I wish Wyclef Jean would have done more of the reggae sounding stuff on his last album. Those songs were good, and didn't deserve to get buried as the last tracks on the thing.

  • Being sick on a beautiful day really sucks.

Now I can tear that page out of my notebook.