Random Notes V

December 12, 2005

Some notes on things that weren't good enough to merit their own post....

Forbes posted a list of the top 15 richest fictional characters. It seems like they might have done this a time or two, but this year's was the first time that I had heard of it.

Before I knew who was on the list, I guessed Richie Rich and Daddy Warbucks. What do you know? Numbers 2 and 3! Benny knows fake rich people!


Number one was Santa Claus. Clearly, that's a bogus selection, prompted by the season. Their logic was that Santa must have infinite money in order to provide toys to all of the children, but obviously don't understand Santa. He does all of this with magic, not money. Fools.

When I wrote about the strange things that we ate in Colorado, I neglected to mention that Mrs. theskinnyonbenny tried the elk one night at dinner. I tasted it, and found it to be good, but a bit gamy and a bit too dry. I would compare it similarly to venison. I would re-order the mountain oysters again over re-ordering the elk.

I've continued trying to listen to all of the songs on my IPOD alphabetically. I'm most of the way through the B's. It's tough, because the list gets longer and longer, and I only just keep up with listening as fast as I add. I noticed no interesting trends in the B's, but I'll let you know as I find them.

There is a news story floating around about a girl with a peanut allergy who died after making out with her boyfriend, who had eaten a peanut butter sandwich a couple of hours earlier. I don't want to make too much fun of this, because this is a real dead girl, but they must have been doing some big-time grubbing. I mean, her tounge must have been way down her throat. She must have scraped a little off the roof of his mouth, or loosened some peanut butter out of the top of a molar, or something similar.

I bet that guy will never let a tounge go that deep again. I would like to run into him in an airport in a few years just so I could ask.