Random Notes III

July 25, 2005

More thoughts that I'm inclined to share, but don't have enough to say to write a whole entry....


  • Suppose we had evolved as a people with all of our current innovations: computers, airplanes, movies, spaceships, ipods, etc., except that we had not invented indoor plumbing. You work in front of your computer, just as you do today, but when that coffee kicks in, you have to go outside and squat over a hole in the ground. How much less productive would that make our society?

  • I saw an ugly lady turning through an intersection. She puttered through in her small Japanese car, talking on a cell phone. This wouldn't have been annoying, except for the fact that a big fire truck was right behind her honking and blaring the siren. She couldn't pull over and get off the phone? I hope it was her house that was ablaze.

  • A buddy at work teaches me insults in Spanish. Here's one I like: "chiclan." It literally refers to a guy with only one gonad. It occurs to me that there must be a lot of Latin guys walking around with one nut for them to have given that condition its own word.

  • Is it just me, or does every major golf tournament include some sort of farewell/retirement thing for Jack Nicholas? I could be wrong about this, but I would swear that we've been subjected to this a couple of times a year for three or four years. Note to Jack: just retire already. Or don't. We don't care, but get your teary farewells off of our golf broadcasts. Thanks, Ben