Random Notes II

May 03, 2005

I have some stories to tell, but too much clutter in my brain to get to them. Hopefully, this random list will help clear out some of that clutter.

  • What's going on, folks? I've had almost 300 hits on this old page in the past two weeks. I can't explain the sudden surge in popularity. If you have a clue to who's forwarding this url in email or why, I'm curious to know.

  • I also got three hits to this old entry in the past couple of days, all from search engine results on the phrase "Sandra Day O'Conner." I have to think that the people searching for that didn't really want to read about her as a potential sex partner. I'm also guessing that there is a sudden serge on that name, because people are curious about who Laura Bush ran into at Chippendale's.

  • Speaking of politics, I saw this chart on wonkette.com. I wish I had thought to make it.

  • I had one of those days yesterday where all of the stuff breaks at the same time. I got in my Jeep in the morning, and the check engine light is on, and it sort of surges and lags as I drive.

    Some guy came by to spray herbicide, and he ran over one of my landscape lights.

    I spent my lunch hour trying to get a cleat on my new cycling shoes, and it couldn't be done. Apparently, the plate in the shoe where the cleat attaches was put in backwards. On both shoes.

    A piece of trim got knocked off of a piece of my furniture at some point during the day.

    My phone/pda battery died, and it got low to the point that I lost all my data and had to re-synch. I still don't have all my data the way it's supposed to be.

    And to top it off, my IPOD is whack. You have to connect it to the computer to reset it, but it is too hosed to connect to the computer. Designs like that make my blood boil.

  • It could be worse. My friend Holly had a metal sign fall on her new Lexus in the parking lot at the office. It put some good scratches on the hood, but it wasn't all that bad. It sort of looked like a little splotch of bird shit. Then, the body shop who was supposed to repair it backed it into a post of some sort. It must have been hard, since they had to replace a bumper and a light. She finally got it back Friday, only to wreck it in Texas on Saturday.

  • Did anyone not know that this woman was crazy? I have a theory that anyone -- especially any woman -- where you can see the full circle of white around their eyes is someone to be avoided.

  • For the time being, I seem to be done with reality TV. I find that I'm not the least bit interested in American Idol this year. The Apprentice picked a pack of idiots to become the Don's latest employee -- although I do want to see that chick with no chin who overuses the word "communicate" get the boot. I missed the beginning of this past Amazing Race, and once you miss the beginning, it's tough to follow. I've never been into the Bachelor or Survivor. The home makeovers, wife trading, bratty kid genre shows all hit at once and wore out their appeal in just a couple of weeks. So I'm left with old fashioned scripted television. Good thing it's May.