Quarantine, Year One

April 07, 2020

Who's bored?

I never really understood how a change of scenery keeps my work from being oh-so-boring. I've actually had a lot to do, and interesting things to work on. I've got a view of every out-building on the 3900 block between Claycut Rd. and Capital Heights, and I'm still itching for a change.

Last week, we went out to work from the boat. That was a nice change, but lead to boat repairs (of course) and the logistics of moving food and booze from place to place while trying not to go to a store.

All the outbuildings: the view from my balcony, where I work in nice weather, since it's a lot better than the view from my desk.

At home, Mrs. theskinnyonbenny fired the people who had started to replace our back deck, so for a week or two, I had that to do with my spare time. I'm way behind some of you on the binge watching, but when I start, I'm just not finding anything I want to stick with. I'm only about 90 minutes into Tiger King, and to be honest, that's probably it for me.

This morning, I made this list of mealtime rules to be in effect until the end of quarantine.

  • If you're heating up a bagel or making toast, knock yourself out.
  • As soon as your breakfast involves turning on the burner to an oven (eggs, bacon, or pancakes), make an offer to the rest of the house, and if they want some, make more.
  • During the quarantine, there is no such thing as lunch. If you get hungry after breakfast and before dinner, make a sandwich or snack of some sort. Mom and I are working, and we're not gonna scrutinize your nutrition during the day.
  • If there is leftover dinner from yesterday, you may not complain about not having anything to eat. This applies, no matter how distasteful you find the leftovers to be.
  • After a day at my desk followed by cooking for you, the last thing I want is for you to pop up from 6 straight hours of video games to tell me the food is gross. We're eating pretty damn well for people who aren't going to the store every day. Make a plate and take a taste of everything. If you don't eat it, it will be there for lunch tomorrow.
Catching up with the fam at safe distances. (click for bigger)