Puss Neck

October 16, 2012

The first thing I did today was to almost give Vanya a dog antibiotic. i was just about to stir it into his morning chocolate milk, when i realized the pill was too big. A little while later I tried to give it to Bloss, stuffed into some bacon, but she managed to separate the pill from the bacon and spit the medicine onto the floor.

On my third attempt to give her her medicine, I stuffed it into cream cheese. I saw a hungry dog nose by my hand, and only when I dropped it into her mouth did I see that I had just given the antibiotic to Lily.

The whole reason for Blossom's pill was that last weekend, up on the farm, she got herself chewed up by some little creature or other. It left a bunch of tiny little marks on her neck, which we would never had seen, had it not gotten infected and started oozing smelly fluid all over everything. Heck, the first day I smelled it, I just thought arms. theskinnyonbenny was over due for a shower. Eventually, she took on a fever and most concerning of all, stopped eating. It got so bad that she did that dog thing where they curl up in a bush and wait to die.

While the dogs followed the call of the wild, Vanya and Caleb sped around the pasture on V's new toy. The gas pedal is dialed down so that its particularly slow, and in fact, when I squeeze my fat self into the seat, it won't go uphill. On Saturday, I took my Jeep out in the pasture as an ostensible chase vehicle, but really to give myself an excuse to use the four wheel drive and play with all those weird off road buttons that I don't understand.

Bloss seems to be fully recovered now. We will know for sure when she pees on Kolya's floor and devours a pair of panties.



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