Purging My Innermost Complaints

May 28, 2015

I keep hearing something that is turning me into a deranged, foamy-mouthed lunatic. I'm not sure if this has just started, or if I've just started noticing. But I keep hearing people say "bolth" instead of "both." Are these maniacs stooges for the "L" lobby?

It started out on radio shows, where I shrugged it off as an oddity of a local accent somewhere in these United States. But then, I heard it more and more. I even had a friend who kept saying it one weekend when we caught up, and it was all I could do not to strangle him in front of his children.

One day, while I was exercising (that should just about narrow it down to one and only one day), I queued up this podcast. The guest host was clearly just trying to get me to crack. BOLTH the book and the movie. BOLTH of Bruce Jenner's identities. Thanks to BOLTH of my co-hosts. I don't know if those specific examples are legit, but he had to have said that 39 times.

Meanwhile, Deadspin posted a series of longform articles on ESPN's "Black Grantland" money-suck, and once I read the first word, I couldn't stop until I had devoured every sentence in the series. The inner workings of entertainment/media companies is really a fascinating topic, and this account ranks up there with These Guys Have All the Fun.

The funniest part of this was the section of quotes that Whitlock included in his motivational playbook, half of which he attributes to himself. "Learn the rules so you'll know when and how to properly break them." Really, Jason Whitlock? You're the first to have come up with that sentiment? Because it really seems like something that someone else might have said before 2015. Just sayin'.

In less bitchy news (but still a little bitchy, I admit), I spent about 10 hours installing a new stereo on Velvet Elvis over the past two weekends. Like anything on a boat, the first try was a false start, with me undoing things that didn't need to be undone, finally figuring out what everything was, and then ultimately needing to order a cord that wasn't supplied with the stereo at all. For all of that, I got the ability to turn the volume up and down without walking down into the cabin, added Sirius radio, and got it where weather radar blobs show up on the chart plotter as we're sailing. In all, it's only questionably worth the time and money, but the volume thing has been great, and it will be really nice to see the storm cells if we're out at night and see lightning on the horizon.