Pop Culture Notes for May 2004

May 13, 2004

Work conversation this morning included an allusion to Long Duck Dong before 9:00 am. That's bodes well for your day. I'm inspired to share some pop culture observations.

I suppose I should start with American Idol. For the second time in five or six weeks, one of the best singers was voted off while lesser talent was left to entertain us for another week. I have to admit that I was pretty bent when the results came out last night.

If you still share that irritation, think again. Sure it would be all right to have a final three of really, really good singers (it should probably be the three black chicks, if you ask me). But, then we would have been deprived of seeing the girl on Wednesday cry on live TV as the judges told her she wasn't good enough.

And we wouldn't have gotten to see her cry the next night as she realized that her tears kept her on and got a better singer booted.

And most importantly, we wouldn't have gotten to see a room full of grown-up music fans loudly boo a cute, young, enthusiastic girl who was crying. Where else are you going to see that?

While I'm on the subject of Reality TV, I will admit that for a couple of weeks, I've been trying to work in a clever Omarosa reference. Some like, "as courageous as Omarosa when the sheet rock starts crumbling." Never could fit it in, and Omarosa has pretty much passed from cultural relevance. Darn.

On a completely different subject, the Vanity Fair just came in the mail yesterday. I know when it's Vanity Fair days because Mrs. skinnyonbenny barely speaks to me with that nose in the magazine. Tonight, I asked her what she was reading about.

"Bill Clinton"

What about him?

"How he's a philandering doofus."

If the Vanity Fair writers have discovered a fresh spin for the "Bill Clinton, philandering doofus" story, then they are very good writers indeed. I'll have to pick up that magazine and try to read an article or two one of these days.

Changing subjects again, I am not really all that geeked about the summer blockbusters that I've seen advertised so far. I am a lot more excited about the first time release of the original Japanese Godzilla in the U.S. Unfortunately, there's almost no chance that it will carried in Baton Rouge. If there's anything we get less than foreign language movies, it's re-releases of classic movies.

Just so you aren't left wondering, the conversation this morning was about how mean a particular client is. I call her "tbj" where t and b stand for "that bitch," and j isher first initial. Eric -- the main support guy -- made the astute observation that she looks a lot like Long Duck Dong's prom date. There. Now you don't have to wonder.

Agree? Disagree? I've decided to keep the bulletin board around. Let us know what you think in the pop culture forum.

2023 update: The message board was a lot of fun, but it didn't last too long. It was too hard to keep the bots from adding spam, even way back then.