Poo Poo and Puke

August 10, 2008

If I really think about it honestly, it surprises me that I don't blog about my poop more often. It's probably one of the most interesting things in my life. Will it be funny colored? Will it have chunks? Of what? Will it come out, then elastically curl back into the shape of my intestines (or colon, or bowel, or wherever it came from)?

I'll keep this one brief, because it's gross.

I pooped nothing but liquid every single day last week. It started Sunday, and the first one that you could really say was toward the end of the day Saturday. There were some very close calls with regards to soiling myself, and there was one where I damn near made it to the commode, but not quite.

Our whole family had a nasty stomach bug. It started Saturday. I got lost on some back roads 10-15 miles outside of Baton Rouge, and while I rolled around curvy roads, Vanya started puking all over his shirt. I pulled over to clean up, and Mrs. theskinnyonbenny walked over to the bushes to puke.

Vanya puked again when we were almost home, and then a few more times Sunday morning. He would just stop, barf, and cry "Clean up, Papa, clean up!"

I cooked enough food for us to eat on all week, and then none of us turned out very hungry, so there's still a ton of it in the fridge.