September 26, 2012

So what does everyone think of their new iPhone OS? The maps are getting hammered, but I think they're really cool. Of course, they have some flaws, but Google's maps were pretty bad at first too, and they didn't have 3D buildings or turn-by-turn navigation. Of course, I've only looked up places I already know anyway. Maybe when the app takes me through a minefield when I'm just looking for a bowling alley, I'll think differently.

Today, I tested the shared photo streams, and I really like that too. I thought the personal photo streams were great. I take a picture with my phone, and it's almost immediately on my PC and on my iPad, ready to be cropped into a picture of the day. The shared streams do the same thing, but they also show up on the phones, ipads, and/or computers of others. You can label or comment on there directly too.

Working alone in what passes as my office, my options for test pics are pretty limited. Buzz Lightyear on the coffee table? Dog beds with Basset Hound sized indentations? A power strip with all of my plugs and chargers?

I settled for this.

pic of me