January 29, 2019

This weekend, I had to replace an electrical outlet in the dining room. That's in the old, original part of the house, which puts construction in the 1940s.


I found original wiring, and I guess back then, they didn't run a ground wire. An outlet works fine without a ground wire, but should the day come where the vacuum cleaner develops a short, it won't trip our breaker. Instead, it will just sit there, charged as the devil's own lightning, waiting to shock the shit out of whoever touches it.

The standard screws that come with the outlet don't work either. The sheet rock is a lot thicker than today's, so longer screws are needed to reach the outlet box. I guess the wider sheet rock was to muffle the sound of your screams during all of those times you electrocuted yourselves back then.

Someone remind me to take this post down if we ever put our house up for sale.