Oprah Quiz

May 28, 2009

I really like watching TV. And unfortunately, there's just nothing on lately. But there are a couple of TV columns that I check every day, because they clue me in to buzzworthy shows that I might not know about otherwise.

Today, I saw two articles on CNBC's special, The Oprah Effect. I DVR'd the show, and I'm watching it now. They're profiling a woman who does EVERYTHING Oprah says she should. Hang on, let me rewind for a quote I just heard...

"It takes a lot of time to live as Oprah says we should live. So there's a huge amount of stress that wasn't there before I started the project."

What the hell? It's a talk show, not the law, not the Bible, a talk show. (And I don't mean to imply that I live as the law or the bible say that I should live either. It's just that those might be more mainstream guides to living than a piece of entertainment.)

Anyway, I would normally not have given this show another thought, except that a client of mine recommended me to do some fast work to a PR consultant who is featured on this show. I guess she's an expert at how to get oneself on Oprah, and she wanted to implement an online quiz that people could take in order to find out of they're Oprah guest material or not. I got some bare-bones info over the weekend, wrote the web page and results page on Monday, and responded to requests for tweaks Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be interested to see how much traffic my quick and easy page should get.

By the way, if you're leery of online quizzes because you don't know who's getting your email address or what they might do with it, you can use this site to create a disposable email address.

But between you and me, for this page that I implemented, the quiz results aren't saved. So even if you're a prime guest candidate, the marketing machine won't know you from any average dope.

Can't wait for the start of the Tour de France, so I have something I really like to watch at night.