Once Upon a Catchy Tune

January 07, 2013

This recent Facebook status reminded me of me.


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No, I'm not compounding my bubble bath story by waxing poetic about Ingrid Michaelson, although I'll concede that it is a catchy little tune. But it made me think of a different, but still sissified catchy tune many years ago.

One morning, I was headed out of my fraternity house room on my way to class. With one foot out the door, I stopped turned back, put the most annoying song I could think of on Repeat, cranked the stereo as loud as it would go, locked the door, and sprinted out the building.

It's a certainty that everyone left in the building on a mid-afternoon school day was trying to sleep, trying to study, or trying to masturbate. And all of that came to a screeching halt the second or third time that they heard the unmistakable intro beats of Phil Collins's Sussudio.

When I got back some hours later, someone had found the circuit breaker to my room, and my power was out.

What a dick I used to be.