Old Pictures

July 24, 2007

As I was digging for the photo of me with Bob Barker's star on the Hollywood walk of fame (which may or may not be included on my next post), I found a bunch of old photos from the days before I was digital. I took some time to scan a handful of them, realizing that it is nothing short of untapped treasure. They will be posted as photos of the day intermittently through the rest of the summer.

I didn't go through each and every photo in the bin, but I saw enough to know that there were a few themes. For example, the group photos of the same ladies with some Las Vegas backdrop or other. If I ever have enough time and inclination, I'm going to create a big panorama of Mrs. theskinnyonbenny, Crystal, Stacie, Lisa, and any additional hangers-on from the particular year, and we can all watch them age, year after year in front of yet another fountain, bar, blackjack table, or alley of decrepit winos.

Similarly, there's the annual (or more frequent in earlier years) picture of Eddie with shirt untucked, spillage everywhere, and eyes bugged out with drunkenness. If I knew how, I would turn them into an animated gif, and we could all watch drunk Eddie lose his hair in front of our eyes.

And of course, you can watch me age, all the while dressed as hideous looking women on Halloween. I promise not to spare myself.

To be sure, there are some embarrassing photos. There are those that I'm afraid my friends can't handle, and I won't post those. I will probably scan and email them to our common friends, but at least they will be out of the prying eyes of strangers.

Tomorrow's photo of the day.

The only one I'll spare (almost) completely will be Mrs. theskinnyonbenny. Not only do I not want to annoy the one with whom I share a bedroom, but she is also at a severe disadvantage. Married to one who fancies himself a photographer, but leery of anyone taking the time to snap her photo, I end up with dozens -- if not a hundred or so -- pictures of her looking at the camera irritated. I find almost all of those pictures very funny, but keep them at home for the sake of household harmony.

To get the ball rolling, tomorrow's picture is one of me in a shower cap the weekend of a friend's wedding. I think it was the late 90s, but I'm not certain. I suspect I was jealous of how funny Stacie had been earlier (or the night before) as she wore the hotel room cap, danced, and sang a Superhero jingle about "Showercap Girl."

I'm not sure who I would have been talking to on the phone. Also, the framing is awful. It's generally good to keep a person's chin in the photograph when it is a photograph of that person's face.

By the way, I didn't find a picture of the actual Showercap Girl, so that's not one of the ones to anticipate.