Old Man/Young Boy

March 26, 2015

Here are three related things that happened today, all of which indicate that I'm older than dirt.

  • While brushing my teeth this morning, I tweaked my back. For you youngsters who don't understand that terminology, the muscles suddenly (and somewhat violently) seize up and become painful and tight.
  • To sooth my back, I turned on the seat heater for my morning drive. This wasn't uncomfortable, because despite being about 70 degrees, it was windy and overcast, and that felt a little cool.
  • When I got up around lunch time, my back was really quite stiff and sore. I decided to walk two blocks to a convenience store to pick up a pack of Aleve. I walked down, fixed a big giant diet coke, picked up a pack of Cheese-its for good measure, and totally forgot about the Aleve.

Kolya is pretty much past the toddler stage where he has cute mispronunciations of words. These are the only ones left that I an think of:

pan-a-cake: There's a mix-up between the pat-a-cake and the pancake breakfast food. This word encompasses both.

applecado: That green vegetable that you mush up to make guacamole. There's also some confusion between this and the jalapeno, as he touched a tiny bit of avocado to his lips and then claimed that he needed something to drink in order to relieve the burning.

*yogrit: Yogurt. He's gotten pretty much everyone in the house saying it this way. Vanya might have even come around to thinking that this is the correct pronunciation.