New Bathroom

June 29, 2009

Friday night, I finally put the final coat of sealer in the new bathroom. Our new master bath is a long, skinny room, half of which is blocked off by a glass door and covered in tile. It's a free room with two shower heads. Kind of like an old high-school gym setup -- with no walls or curtains or anything -- but nice.

I inaugurated it Saturday evening. I was enjoying the cold water after do work through a full hot day, when Vanya walked in and joined me. He started by sticking his hand in the spray, but was eventually fully clothed but fully immersed in the water.

Then, Sharples banged on the window to outside, and did a provocative dance for my viewing pleasure.

But even with all of the company, it was a really nice shower.

Sunday night, I fired up the big deep bathtub over on the far side of the wet room. The water wasn't even full when Vanya climbed in with me. I was joined again during my shower this morning.

Sooner or later, I'm going to get a bath or shower in the new room all by myself. I may have to set my alarm and get up at 3:00 in the morning to make it happen.