My Attempt to Write a Children's Story

February 09, 2007

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Lily and a dog named Blossom. Blossom and Lily lived together as dog sisters in a big blue house. They liked to play and to sleep and to chase around their cat friends who also lived in the big blue house.

Blossom and Lily's human was a nice guy. Even though the dogs had nothing to do all day but lay around, he sometimes felt bad that there were no people at home to play with them.

Sad Blossom without a bone.

One night, Blossom and Lily's human went to the kitchen. "Wanna treat?" He asked.

The dogs were very excited. They liked to get treats.

Their human got out two bones. He put one bone in each hand, and stretched them down and apart so that each dog could take one.

Blossom grabbed her bone and ran as fast as she could to the couch. She jumped up on the couch and started to eat and eat and eat.

Lily ran as fast as she could outside. She knew bones were hard and took a long time to eat. She also knew a trick to soften up the bones. She dug a shallow hole in the garden, dropped her bone in, and covered it back up.

Happy Lili eats a bone.

Later that night, Blossom and Lily's human put them on leashes. They all went for a walk, which made both dogs quite happy. They liked walks because they got the chance to smell the neighbors' trash. When they were really lucky, they ran into someone else's cat to chase.

After they returned home, Blossom layed down on the couch. Lily went out to the garden to dig up her bone.

Lily brought her bone back into the house and started to eat it. It was dirty, but dirt tastes good to dogs, so Lily didn't mind. Lily was so happy to have saved her bone.

Blossom was sad. She had eaten her entire bone as soon as she got it. Now she was hungry and had nothing left.

Lily wouldn't share.

Their human wouldn't give Blossom another bone.

After a while, happy Lili finished her bone. She went to bed and slept like a happy dog.

Blossom went to bed too. Just as she started to fall asleep, she promised herself that next time, she would save some of her bone for later.