Music Friday: the Makeup Exam

May 11, 2012

Yeah, I missed our music edition last week. Busy morning, Friday. (But of course, you know these are written and post dated earlier in the week.)

First of all, here's Florence and the Machine, as promised.

My second selection this week is inspired again by the conversation about music on Mad Men. This week, the news was about the show paying $250,000 to license The Beatles's "Tomorrow Never Knows." It worked great in the episode, although I think "Eleanor Rigby" from the same album would have been better. Aside from being a better tune by a long way, think about the lyrics:

Eleanor Rigby, picks up the rice In the church where a wedding has been Lives in a dream Waits at the window, wearing the face That she keeps in a jar by the door Who is it for? All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong?

Does any of that sound like any characters on AMC that you've run into?

Here's where I reverse direction on you. No Beatles for you this morning. The tweets about Mad Men just got me thinking about shows that did a good job on their music.

There was a show on HBO called How to Make It in America, which got no buzz, and probably wasn't watched much. It was a good show -- not a great one -- but the shining star was whichever producer whose job is was to pick out music. Week after week, they pulled music that matched the show and was awesome. I've burned Shazam bandwidth like I did when that show aired. Here's the theme from that show, which I really dig.