Morning News

March 28, 2018

It's hard to get back in the habit of writing.

I've definitely got stories to tell. Sundy of this week reminds me of my most vivid, "I can't believe that all happened in one day" day.

Let me see if I can tell a quick story to help break the dam.

On the way to school this morning,

Newscaster: ... the subpeonas were upheld in court ...

Vanya: Oh my God!

Me: What?

V: Didn't you hear that? Something about someone who held his penis up in court!

I love V's "Oh my God," which he uses exclusively to point out vugarities. He delivers it musically, and it perfectly conveys that he knows to be shocked and offended while giving a mere hint of the fact that he is tremendously amused.

K, on the other hand loves the profane with no subtlety at all. I can't deliver a good swear in front of him, because he just runs with it. And I can't even describe how delighted he was to learn about giving the middle finger. Gotta watch myself with that one.

That wasn't so hard. Maybe more to come.