Morning Farewell

July 26, 2007

When Vanya cries, his face changes its entire shape. His features flatten a bit, and his mouth squares off and opens so the noise and tears can cascade together.

Ususally, this is about a bunch of nothing, and his little anguished face very often makes me laugh.

The only time I really found it heart-breaking was this morning.

Per our usual routine, I got him out of bed and dumped him there with Mrs. theskinnyonbenny, while I returned to the kitchen. I fill a cup with baby vitamin drink, return to bed, and we have our little bit of time all together in the morning. The two of us are ususally still there when Mrs. theskinnyonbenny comes out of the bathroom dresed for work, gives her boy a goodbye kiss, and heads out for the day.

Today, she was a bit in a hurry. But for some reason, Vanya had counted on a lingering goodbye, and when he didn't get it, he started to cry.

Even after she had made it to the front door, and after we heard the door open and close, he sat crying, opening and closing his little fingers to wave bye-bye to Mama.