More Basketball and a Meeting

March 20, 2006

As I predicted in this space on Friday morning, my bracket crashed and burned spectacularly. I followed up my 14-2 Thursday with a 6-10 Friday, and of the 6 I picked correctly, 3 were a 1 seed beating a 16 seed. So really, you could call my record 3-10 on games that were questionable. It's perhaps the most unimpressive day one can have when picking basketball results.

As of now, I'm firmly lodged in second-to-last place in our pool. But, I seem to be the only one who picked Memphis to win, so if they go all the way, I can still come home with the cash. They have some college called Bradley up in the next round, and they have looked as strong as anyone so far. I like their odds as much as anyone else's.

I just made the travel reservations for an upcoming work trip, and as I was doing it, I realized that I'm going to get to Indianapolis the night of the championship game. If the one in a million scenario played out where LSU was in the game, I would be forced to spend whatever it would cost to get a ticket. Hopefully, the matchup would end up being LSU vs. Bradley, so ticket demand wouldn't be that great.

That won't happen, but I'll at least have a chance to drive down and witness the hoopla before the game, and maybe I'll catch it at a sports bar near the stadium. If any of you know Indianapolis at all, shoot me a pointer or two.

Things I should have done today, but couldn't because clients are in town for a meeting:

  1. Pick up replacement contact lenses.
  2. Get a haircut.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Return the keg in the back of my Jeep. (St. Patrick's Day. And yes, there were a couple of splashes left, but it was pretty much drained.)
  5. Buy gas.
  6. Get new shoes for playing basketball. (Right now, my ankles and knees kill me the day after we play.)
  7. Figure out why my home page is displaying with big, giant fonts.
  8. About a million other work related things. (Funny how far down the list I got before this item.)
  9. Clean out my shop.
  10. Organize my closet.
  11. Increase child literacy in my community.
  12. Start a program to clean litter off of state highways.
  13. Arrange a new political party so that we aren't just stuck with Democrats and Republicans when trying to pick our next president.
  14. Convince Osama Bin Laden to give himself up.
  15. Build a device that turns all nuclear weapons into beds of beautiful flowers.

But I had that meeting, so I'll have to do all of this some other time.