Monday Weather Adventure

April 02, 2012

Today, I was working upstairs, and I heard it start to thunder. I finished up what I was doing and went outside to put the roof on my Jeep. It was quick and easy, and the rain started to fall just as I finished up.

I went to the front door, and as soon as I put my hand on the latch, it started to downpour. It was the type of rain where the street gets whited-out by all of the falling water. At the exact same time, I realized that I had locked my keys behind the front door.

I was hopeful, if not entirely confident, that the back door would be unlocked. And I knew that if the door wasn't open, I could at least dart into the garage for some sort of shelter. But as soon as I came out from the door area, the hail started to fall. It was only 1/4 inch hailstones, but one hit me in the cheek, and it was a really big step down from fun.

Fortunately, the back door was open. I even let the dogs spend the afternoon inside, because they are too dumb to take themselves out of a hailstorm.