Mardi Gras Miracles

February 11, 2013

I've noticed that the Gods of Fat Tuesday have been good to us.

  • Before Muses, my sister Barf bought the kids some crappy light-up wands from those dudes who walk up and down between parades selling crap out of a cart. To the surprise of no one, they were both were broken within minutes. But we looked to the kids shortly after that, and both were working again.
  • Saturday, we went sailing with almost no gas. We ran out while motoring back home. But our dock was in sight, and it was downwind! I let out a little sail, and pointed the bow toward home. About 400 yards out, we caught a gust and started flying toward the dock at what seemed like 100 mph. I pulled the tiller in time to turn the bow, grabbed a line that was tied to the dock, and held on for dear life. In minutes, we were tied up, safe and sound. (In my mom's version of the story, I had a line in my hand that I lasso'd over the dock piling, cowboy style. I prefer this version of the story.)
  • This:
    benny - the link to this image is fucked
    All day in New Orleans on Sunday, and not a drop of rain on us.

More miracles to follow? I'll let you know.